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The project IMINT/UAV SURVEILLANCE AND RECONNAISSANCE SYSTEM, acronym SISUAR has the objective to elaborate a specialized security technique with the intention to realize a reconnaissance system based on an autonomous aerial platform, the manufacture of an integrated model system and its testing.


The project's aim is to obtain real time images, risk elements identification using image processing techniques, warning generation for the system operator, peculiar interest data communication, in autonomous flight configuration, but also with ground control possibilities in radio visibility radius of 180-200 km. Beyond this distance, the information are stocked onboard and further transmitted or brought to the ground.


Based on the specific tactical & technical operation demands and actual norms, will be defined the principle elements necessary to elaborate an applicable technique. The detail configuring, equipments disposal way, integrated hardware and software components. The project approaches are organized on specific domains, platform's command and control system, communication system, image-processing etc.


After completing of some tests, mainly with the vital systems using a multipurpose platform available from project's coordinator, it is build and experimented the surveillance system, composed from a ground station and the equipped aircraft. The concept and the design of the platform will take in account the whole accumulated technical specifications, but also to give the possibility to equip the platform in order to extend the capable operational range (BLOS, C2 via satellite capabilities).


The project aim is the realization of a single safe system regarding the aircraft's command and control and an efficient telemetry subsystem for data transmission and their processing. The aircraft estimations leads to a maximum take-off weight less than 150 kg, it will have to perform a speed of approx. 200 km/h and will be equipped with rescue parachute. The structure will be made by composite materials with elements that use nanotubes armed structures.


The system is addressed to the military and security missions for areas surveillance, the detecting and locating of targets, search and rescue missions, border monitoring, intelligence about enemy's elements arrangement.





The general objectives of the project are:


Objectives that emerge from general objectives:


Operational characteristics:
Downlink/Uplink range: min 20 km min 10.8 Nm
Transmission type: 3 channels CODFM
Payload specs:

2 axis stabilization

<50 microradians RMS

380000 pixels CCD

2 lux min sensitivity

Control: Autonomous / Manual
Missions: IMINT


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