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Argus XL


Argus XL

Argus XL is an unmanned aerial vehicle in canard configuration. It has a low weight - high resistant structure due to the fact that the fuselage, wings and empennages are built entirely out of composite materials. For storage and transport, the wings and empennages are detachable. The main landing gear is an elastic blade, equipped with mechanical brakes and it's not retractable. The nose gear is a steering fixed one, with oleo-pneumatic strut.


The UAV is powered by a 20 hp two-stroke push propeller engine.


Onboard electronic equipment for navigation consists in the autopilot linked to several sensors like GPS receiver, Pitot tube, compass and ultra-sound probe.


In June 2009 Argus XL had its first flight.


General characteristics:
Wingspan: 5 m 16.4 ft
Total length: 4.1 m 13.45 ft
Height: 1.72 m 5.64 ft
Engine type JPX D330R: 20 HP 20 HP
Max. take-off weight: 140 kg 308.64 lb
Payload weight: 40 kg 88.18 lb
Max. speed: 230 km/h 124.2 kts
Maneuver speed n=9: 200 km/h 108 kts
Stall speed (flaps 40o): 63 km/h 34 kts
Range: 300 km 162 Nm


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